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Creating Positive Impact With The Maiyet Collective

Episode Summary

Style With Substance partnered with Sustainable fashion concept store The Maiyet Collective for this panel discussion with three of their brands. Lucy speaks to Arkitaip, To The Fairest and Taylor Yates about Creating Positive Impact through their brands.

Episode Notes

Introducing Our Inspiring Panel

Lea Wieser is the co founder of Arkitaip. Together with her Mother she creates impossibly chic linen wear and her mother hand crochets swimwear and accessories too. Karen Yates is part of another Mother Daughter team, she is the Co Founder along with her daughter Ellen of Taylor Yates. The ethical leather bag brand creates beautiful and personal handbags with their responsible leather tannery in the UK. And finally, Rebecca Rose is the founder of To The Fairest, a luxury fragrance that is challenging the traditional role of a perfume company through their social impact work. 

Creating Positive Impact

In the episode, recorded live over Zoom for our audience, we discuss creating positive impact. It’s an ethos that all the brands share. Whether through their manufacturing methods, charitable partners or their environmental footprint. All three founders are emphatically pro People, Planet, Purpose, the new triple bottom line. And incorporate giving initiatives and charitable partners as core aspects of their companies.The panel also discuss circularity and why it’s important, even as a young brand to consider the lifecycle of their products. 

Thank you to The Maiyet Collective for bringing these amazing brands together in their current pop up and for making this live podcast recording possible. Unfortunately due to the most recent lockdown they were forced to close the South Molton Street store but we hope to see it back very soon. In the mean time you can shop via The Maiyet’s virtual marketplace.

With thanks to our guests, Karen, Rebecca and Lea. And a very special thank you to Olivia and the team at The Maiyet Collective.

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