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What Makes Linen So Sustainable With Lea Wieser of Arkitaip

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Natural fibres are arguably a very sustainable option, however in some cases this isn't always true. Linen however is grown, harvested and produced with as little impact as possible. We learnt more when we chatted to Arkitaip Co Founder Lea Wieser about the secrets of linen and why it's good for our skin as well as our planet.

Episode Notes

Luxurious Linen

When you think of a really luxurious linen brand, Arkitaip is surely top of your list. Lea Wieser co created the company with her Mum. Together they design the clothes and Lea’s mum crochets the beautiful bags and swimwear that the label offers. Lea herself is a big fan of linen. Like cotton and wool, it has a lot of amazing hidden properties that make it sound more like a really techy sports fabric, rather than a natural and biodegradable material. Lea knows a lot about natural linen and shares with us why it inspired her to begin her own fashion label.

Natural & Biodegradable

Linen fabric is really great for our skin, because it’s hypoallergenic and temperature regulating. This makes it a kinder fabric for people with sensitive skin, plus it can be worn all year round. Unlike growing cotton, growing flax linen uses rain water and doesn’t compromise the land for growing food later on. It also doesn’t need pesticides. In her words, organic linen fabric is the perfect durable low impact clothing, grown and made in Europe, which minimises the companies carbon footprint. Lea’s love for the fabric and for the amazing artisan work of her Mother is infectious, you’ll be a linen nut too after this episode.

Thank you to our fabulous guest Lea, Co Founder of Arkitaip

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