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Slow Fashion & British Alpacas With Hanna Fiedler

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Using slow production methods and sourcing locally are both ways that fashion brands can become more sustainable. Hanna Fiedler has both of these processes sewn into the DNA of her brand. We spoke to her about her considered approach, and utilising all the fabrics that the UK has to offer.

Episode Notes

Wool Week

For 10 years, the Campaign For Wool has drawn attention to the wonderful wool offering available in the UK, and it’s incredible attributes. Today we are investigating a slightly less known wool available in the UK, Alpaca. Did you know that we have alpacas, right here in the UK? Along with Europe, the UK began farming alpacas for their super soft wool in the 90’s. So when we discovered that designer Hanna Fiedler was using alpaca wool for her collections, we had to find out more. 

Slow Fashion & Local Sourcing

Hanna is a German born, now London based designer, taking the fashion industry by storm. Her precise and considered approach to fashion takes into account not just a sustainable work ethic, but also making less impact on our environment. However her approach to creating clothes is a lot slower than most brands and she prefers to do everything as locally as possible. Finding a balance between her love of fashion and her love for the environment, Hanna sources and manufactures in the UK as much as possible. When she discovered alpaca wool on her doorstep, (or a short 4 hour car journey from London) she jumped at the chance to find a way to incorporate this gorgeous fabric into her collection. Being farmed and spun in the UK means that the carbon footprint of the alpaca fibre is greatly reduced. We also know that alpaca have very little impact on the environment, making their wool an ideal sustainable fabric to use. 

With thanks to our amazing guest, Hanna Fiedler

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