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Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend With Natural Diamond Council

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In a male dominated industry like diamonds, women were often surprisingly sidelined when it came to the stones that were marketed to them. Things have changed and now women are being appointed to head up the largest mining companies in the world. We talk diamonds and sustainability with Raluca Anghel from Natural Diamond Council.

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Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

While diamonds are usually seen on women, the diamond industry itself has been traditionally male dominated. From the mines to the heads of large jewellery houses like Graff and De Beers. Its a topic we spoke about in more detail in episode 5 with Jewellery designer Maryline Kekeli. However this has been changing gradually over the last few years as natural diamond companies emerge as models for sustainable practises and gender equality. The diamond industry supports the livelihood of roughly 10 million people worldwide so it’s important that this community is supported. Thats where the Natural Diamond Council comes in. They provide insights and transparency for the diamond industry, promoting sustainability and ethics. The NDC works directly with diamond companies and mines to educate and encourage them to build on important areas of ecology, human rights and gender parity. One example of positive transformation is Botswana, now the second largest diamond producer in the world.

Gender Parity In Diamond Mining

Excitingly women are rising to the top of diamond businesses and taking important roles in decision making. Women represent 30% of the workforce of the worlds largest diamond producers. More and more women are being bought  into highly skilled but traditionally male dominated roles. This includes women in upper management, arguably the most key change of all. Because when diverse voices (both in gender and race) are heard at the top of companies, positive change follows. Naseem Lahri was recently appointed Managing Director of Lacura Botswana. In this episode Lucy speaks to Raluca Anghel Head of External Affairs at the Natural Diamond Council. They talk about incredible grass roots initiatives that are being built, about gender parity throughout the industry and the exciting environmental schemes that are being pioneered.

With thanks to the wonderful Raluca Anghel from Natural Diamond Council

Special thanks to Nafisa Boateng & Amie Tran 

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